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Japanese Acupuncture Workshop. Nezu, Tokyo, Japan.

November 13 - 15, 2024 

21 NCCAOM/CA PDAs pending

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What Will You Learn?

This workshop will focus on the style and practice of Iyashi no Michi, a gentle, effective acupuncture style unique to Japan. 

The goal is to develop a refined understanding in diagnostics and treatment of the root cause of disease. 

During this workshop, we will go into detailed explanation and demonstration of hara palpation, kata sequence, Shang Han Lun practical application, and treatment style of Iyashi no Michi.

The workshop will be fully hands-on, with attention to needle technique, moxibustion application, and diagnostics that can be integrated to all treatment styles. 



Hotel Graphy Nezu

About Iyashi no Michi

Iyashi no Michi is a unique style of Japanese acupuncture that is based on the teaching of classical texts: Shang Hag Lun, Shindo Happi Kogi (The Dao of Acupuncture), and Manboyo Ippu Ron (Many Illnesses and One Wind), as well as Japanese meridian theory. 

It was developed by Yokota Kanpu sensei, drawing on his own experience battling chronic illness. 

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This workshop will be held over the course of three days held in a temple near Ueno in Tokyo, Japan. It will be led by Yasuda Mukan sensei, translated by Maya Suzuki. Yasuda sensi has been a lead instructor for over 20 years in Iyashi no Michi and an acupuncturist for over 35 years, holding licenses in acupuncture, moxibustion, and anma shiatsu massage.  

This workshop will be HANDS-ON and build nicely on the material learned in the In-Touch Japan Seminar but can be a stand along workshop.

Questions? Email - [email protected]

Nezu Station, Tokyo, Japan 21 CEU's pending

Refunds available till June 1, 2023

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